I began impersonating the Queen after strangers started commenting on my likeness to her. I joined several agencies and have worked at many different locations over the past 11 years. I thoroughly enjoy all I am asked to do, and I try my hardest to dress and act as impeccably as Queen Elizabeth II does. I am always happy to read out a prepared speech, although I do not profess to sound exactly like the Queen.

I will consider any kind of engagement, at any distance, and my fee will vary on the times I am needed to attend, both in terms of duration and lateness of the hour. I do not charge travelling expenses (although I would need a plane ticket provided!!) My normal charge is 600, which covers up to four hours - 3 hours working and 1 hour for setting up/overrunning -  but additions or reductions can apply, depending on distance, time of day, length of duty etc. Please contact me, however vague your plans are. It's useful to have a chat.

I have auditioned for the TV series Double Take and have appeared in a comedy sketch show on Welsh TV. I appeared on a recent Basement Jaxx CD. I appear at many different functions such as Champagne evenings, theme park occasions, charity openings and private parties.

I think you will find that I am a very amenable, patient and cheerful 'Queen', happy to enhance your particular function.

Please contact me. I shall look forward to hearing from you.


It was a tremendous honour and thrill to be driven along the straight at Hannover racecourse in a horse and carriage to celebrate the 300th anniversary of German/British royalty.

I enjoyed a first visit to Belgrade, filming a TV commercial for a new beer with 'David Beckham', 'Frank Lampard' and 'Mario Balotelli'.

What an honour to open Jean-Paul Gaultier's brilliant exhibition at the Barbican, alongside him, wearing his mink and leather stole............

A hectic overnight trip to Rouen to meet enthusiastic French admirers of Her Majesty, and a quick request for a return visit.

Congratulating the Cambridge Diet plan winners was to see amazing weight losses.                              

           Filming for the Sun newspaper today was great fun;  perhaps it'll be shown on YouTube.

          An Italian hairdressing company invited me to announce their newest products on stage.

          I was fortunate enough to be invited to Montenegro by their premier TV station;  two days wasn't enough to sample the lovely country.